Betsy Garrett Bang’s Gorilla Anatomy Drawings

Henry Cushier Raven's Gorilla drawing (back)
Henry Cushier Raven's gorilla drawing (limbs)

The anatomy of the gorilla / the studies of Henry Cushier Raven, and contributions by William B. Atkinson, Herbert Elftman, John Eric Hill, Adolph H. Schultz, William L. Straus, Jr., S.L. Washburn ; arranged and edited by William King Gregory. New York, Columbia University Press, 1950. A collaborative work of the American Museum of Natural History and Columbia University.

Henry Cushier Raven (1889-1944) was an AMNH Mammalogy Department Curator from 1926 to 1943, leading collecting expeditions to remote parts of the world for AMNH and for other institutions during his scientific career. His unfinished and unpublished work on gorilla anatomy was completed after his death in his honor.

Life-size drawings of gorilla anatomy, made under Raven's close supervision by Miss Betsy Garrett (Mrs. Frederick B. Bang (1912-2003)) and by Mrs. Jeanet Dreskin (1921 - ) illustrate this work.

  1. Superficial muscles of the back and thorax (pencil b&w and col., on brown paper, 82 x 110 cm.)
  2. Right forearm and hand (pencil b&w and col., on paper, 115 x 31 cm.)

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