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Cabins against mountains with 'Truth without Borders' overhanging it

Truth Without Borders Workshop
November 30–December 3, 2021

The Truth Without Borders Project offers a workshop to any academic staff or student who shares an interest in the nature and value of truth. This is a capstone event for the half-year long project funded by the University of Waikato's Division of Arts, Law, Psychology, and Social Sciences.

Current programming includes:

  • Michael Lynch, "Political Truth"
  • Jennifer Nado, "The Role of Truth in Philosophy: A Conceptual Engineering Approach"
  • Jamin Asay, "Concepts of Truth?"
  • Alessandra Tanesini, "Intellectual Vices of Self-Evaluation"
  • Chris Heffer, "Lying, Bullshit, and Bullshitting: Why Truth Matters in Analysing Untruthful Discourse"

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