Amy Meyers Named the 2020–21 Future of Truth Fellow

Amy Meyers has been named the the 2020-21 Future of Truth fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute. As a fellow, Meyers will join the lively intellectual culture at the Humanities Institute and contribute to the ongoing study of truth at the heart of the Future of Truth project.

Microsoft’s Nancy Baym on Social Media and Human Interactions

Nancy Baym of Microsoft gives talk on “The Relational Affordances of Platforms.” Baym draws on a range of her recent research on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to articulate a model for understanding platforms as the dynamic, unstable entities they are, and to explore their roles in shaping, constraining and opening up new possibilities for relationships.

UCHI-TFOT Co-sponsors London Conference on Truth, Democracy

The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (UCHI), through its latest initiative—The Future of Truth—is co-sponsoring a global conference entitled “Under Pressure: Truth, Trust and Democracy” in London on November 28–29, 2019.