Amy Meyers Named the 2020–21 Future of Truth Fellow

Amy Meyers has been named the the 2020-21 Future of Truth fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute. As a fellow, Meyers will join the lively intellectual culture at the Humanities Institute and contribute to the ongoing study of truth at the heart of the Future of Truth project.

Meyers retired from the directorship of the Yale Center for British Art in June of 2019. She has written extensively on the visual and material culture of natural history in the transatlantic world. With Therese O’Malley, Meyers currently is organizing an exhibition with the working title of William Bartram and the Origins of American Environmental Thought. The project, which will be the focus of her work as a fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute for the coming academic year, will place special emphasis on conceptions of the natural world that were at play in the Native American and African cultures that Bartram encountered on his explorations from the Carolinas through present-day Alabama. The exhibition will bring together for the first time a wide selection of Bartram’s extraordinary drawings to examine his integrated view of nature and the emergence of environmental thought in North America, from the colonial period through the first decades of the republic.