VICTR Presents: Sherif Salem, “On Modal Truth”

On Modal Truth

Sherif Salem

Sherif Salem will present a talk titled “On Modal Truth” at the Virtual International Consortium of  Truth Research (VICTR) on December 15 at 10:00am EST (15:00 UTC).

Abstract: This paper explores the connections between modality and essentialism. Recently, Mallozzi (2018, 2020) proposed superexplanatory essentialism as a way of showing that modal truth is explainable in terms of essentialist truth, which in turn can be revealed through scientific progress. My goal is to present three epistemological objections from the philosophy of science literature against superexplanatory essentialism.

Sherif Salem is a philosophy graduate student at Simon Fraser University. He holds an MSc. in Economics from Queen Mary University of London, and an MA in Philosophy from the American University in Cairo. He is interested in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of logic/mathematics, metaphilosophy, history of analytic philosophy, and non-western philosophical traditions (particularly, Islamic philosophy and African philosophy). He is also the co-founder of the Middle East Society for Analytic Philosophy.

If you are interested in attending, please email for a zoom link.