VICTR Presents: Stefano Caputo “The Dependence of Truth on Being”

The Dependence of Truth on Being: Is there a Problem for Minimalism?” (tentative title)

Stefano Caputo (University of Sassari) will present at the Virtual International Consortium for Truth Research (VICTR), May 24 at 10:00am EDT.

Abstract (tentative): The aim of this paper is first to defend the intuition that truth is grounded in how things are and, second, to argue that this fact is consistent with Minimalism. After having cashed out that intuition in terms of explanatory claims of the form ‘if it is true that p, it is true that p because p’, I set out an argument against Minimalism which is based on the same intuition, and I argue that a strategy the minimalist could adopt to resist the argument, i.e. to deny the correctness of the intuition, is flawed. Then I explain why the intuition is correct and I make some claims concerning the kind of explanations which are involved in it. Now the stage is set up to present the right way for the minimalist to resist the argument. I finally answer some objections.

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