VICTR Presents: Kourken Michaelian

True, accurate, faithful: Accuracy in memory for dreams

Kourken Michaelian (Université Grenoble Alpes) will present “True, accurate, faithful: Accuracy in memory for dreams” at the Virtual International Consortium for Truth Research (VICTR) on March 29, at 11:00am EDT / 15:00 UTC.

Abstract: What is it to remember a dream accurately? This paper argues that neither of the two available concepts of mnemic accuracy, namely, truth and authenticity, enables us to answer this question and that a new understanding of accuracy is therefore needed: a dream memory is accurate not when it is true or authentic but rather when it is “faithful” to the remembered dream. In addition to memory for dreams, the paper applies the notion of faithfulness to memory for perceptual experience, memory for imagination, and memory for hallucination and considers the implications for causalist and simulationist approaches to remembering of adopting an understanding of mnemic accuracy as faithfulness.

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