VICTR Presents: María José Alcaraz León, “Truth and Imagination”

Truth and Imagination

María José Alcaraz León

María José Alcaraz León will be giving a talk entitled “Truth and Imagination” at the Virtual International Consortium for Truth Research on February 15, 10:00am EST.

Abstract: Recent approaches to imagination have emphasized its cognitive dimension. This, in turn, has provided some support to the idea that artworks can, as products of imagination, possess cognitive value. In this presentation, I would like to explore one sense in which imagination prominently features in artistic representations -imagination as an iconic or aesthetic capacity- and see if we can rely on it as a source of knowledge.

María José Alcaraz León is Associate Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Murcia. Her main research interests are aesthetic normativity, art theory, art and morality, and environmental aesthetics. She is a member of the research group ARESMUR, SWIP Analytic España, and the Nordic Network for Women in Aesthetics.

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If you are interested in attending, please email for the Zoom link.